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Mariana Barnes, PhD
Acrylic Paintings

TV & Media

My art is featured in the following TV shows and newspapers:


"Talk Art"  #5 - Mosaic Patterns of Life

hosted by Susan Kraft Airing since July, 2007
Mariana Barnes and My-Xuan Ho

Airs on Channel 56 Manhattan cable station MNN
Manhattan, New York
Thur, 10/30 at 3:30 PM, Wed, 11/5 at 9:30 PM, Sun, 11/16 at 3 PM, channel 56
Airs on Channel 27 (the ARTs channel)
Community Access Cable TV:
Palo Alto, East Palo Alto, Menlo Park, Atherton, Stanford, CA
San Francisco (777,000 viewers),  Palo Alto (25,000 viewers), and MountainView (71,000 viewers)
For more info, go to: http://svlocalartists.org

"The sport of Motherhood"  #22 - Pets & Kids
hosted by Genevieve Hutcheson Butcher  Kids and Pets,  July 07 show (taped on June 4, 2007)
To view, go to:  http://sportofmotherhood.com/sportofmom18.wmv

Airing on Channel 30 since July2007
Community Access Cable TV:
Palo Alto, East Palo Alto, Menlo Park, Atherton, Stanford, CA
and other stations in selected parts of the country
For more info, go to: 

KQED public television @ Works/San Jose!

Each month KQED interactive visits a number of northern california art galleries to
check out what's up in the local art scene. In July 2007 they paid a visit to
Works/San Jose
My painting 'Tornado' was one of the featured pieces in this 6min documentary with a close up to show the details: 

Click here to view

KQED public television
Silicon Valley Open Studios public announcements, Apr-May 2007 and 2008




South Bay Accent Magazine article by Greg Silva p 74 Jan-Feb 2015 issue

  "Palo Alto Weekly"

  • Article by Rebecca Wallace, Nov 7-08
You can see the article with pictures at:

on Page 23 (pdf download), or read it without pictures at:


  • My art appeared in the front page, March 30-07.  Full article inside by Rebecca Wallace.
  • "Worth a Look" column, my art along wih article by Rebecca Wallace, Apr 4, 2008

"Evergreen Times"  March-April 2008 My art was on the Arts Calendar page.

Pacific Art League newsletter, April 2008 My art was on the front page, along with article.


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