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Mariana Barnes, PhD
Acrylic Paintings


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2007 2nd Place Winner
- Yearly competition: Society of Local Artists (SOLA) of Silicon Valley, CA
1st place winner - SOLA Jan and Oct 2007
2nd place winner - SOLA Apr and Dec 2007
1st place winner - SOLA Mar 2008
Honorable mention - Home Grown-Life in the USA, Pacific Art League, Jul2006


I consider myself a Renaissance woman. My interests are many and each finds their way into my art. 

I am a self taught artist and have been painting for over 20 years.  Starting with oils, I transitioned to acrylics and have been experimenting with them for the past six years. Before oil and acrylic painting, I worked with tempera, clay, wood, mixed media and drawings in charcoal, felt pens, and colored pencils. I have explored various subject matters throughout the years, but my favorite paintings are colorful abstracts. Currently, two bodies of work occupy my time:  the Mosaic paintings and the Quilt paintings.  

As a scientist/engineer, my time is divided between my art and my work in aerospace. Being an artist makes me a better scientist and vice versa. Each pursuit feeds the other -art keeps me sane, science keeps me grounded.  

Music and writing have also played important roles in my life -from being a classically trained pianist with concert performances under my belt, to publishing articles in several scientific journals, and in the San Jose Mercury News.

Originally from Argentina, I've been exposed to a sophisticated Latin American culture, where art and music are highly regarded and are a normal part of everyday life. All of the color and energy of my Latin American background nourish the paintings I create.


KALEID Gallery, San Jose, California.  Gallery artist since January 2008.

Phantom Galleries,
San Jose, California.  Galleries artist since January 2008.

Pacific Art League,
Palo Alto, California.  Gallery artist and member June 2006-Dec2014.
Featured artist in PAL corporate Art rental program

A (Society of Local Artists) in Silicon Valley, California. 
Membership coordinator 2006-2008.
SOLA brought together artists, collectors and art world professionals  in one dynamic community.

SVOS (Silicon Valley Open Studios), California.  Steering committee member 2007-2011.

SBAWCA (South Bay Area Women's Caucus for the Arts), California. Member 2007-2012.
Exhibitions Director 2011

 San Jose, California.  Member 2007-2011.

BAC (Berkeley Art Center),
Berkeley, Ca.  Member 2008-09

Los Gatos Art Association, Los Gatos, Ca.  Member 2008, 2010

The Artists Alley Gallery, San Francisco, California. Gallery artist Feb-Sep 2009.




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