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Mariana Barnes, PhD
Acrylic Paintings

Artist Statement

The inspiration for my paintings comes from the art and symbols of ancient civilizations as well as contemporary cultures from around the world. Geometric and nonlinear patterns are integral to my art, stemming from my scientific background.

My work reflects patterns that can be found, moving, all around us, in nature and in everyday objects.  Motion in each Mosaic-like painting is conveyed and delivered by the fluidity of the design, the movement of the patterns, the ever changing iridescent tones of the metallic paint.  These paints reveal new dimensions to the work that come alive with gradations of luminescent color.

The symbolic patchwork Quilt-like paintings convey movement through the vibrant colors energizing the various dynamic patterns.  I enjoy bright intense colors which bring together a full spectrum of light.

The process of my art is meditative; it is soothing and relaxing to me.  I start my paintings with a general idea and then allow the process to evolve intuitively.  I strive to make art that is calming and peaceful and art that speaks with candor and passion.  My work is intended to be healing -to spark a sense of well being in myself and the viewer.


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